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Sterilizing oven
Inner size(mm): custom size

Tempreture range: RT-250℃ (200℃/300℃/400℃/500℃/600℃ as requirment)

Power: 3.6-30kw (as requirment)

Power supply: 110V/220V/380V/415V/440V... (50/60Hz)

Temperature fluctuation: +/- 1℃

Temperature uniformity: no load +/- 1-2.5%℃

Heating rate:RT-100℃ in 10 or 20 minutes

Inner material: stainless board / Galvanized sheet

Case material: cold rolled board / stainless board

Temperature control: SSR/SCR output, Automatic PID conrol, LED digital display

Sterilizing oven used in a wide range of applications:

Automotive interiors, flocking, auto parts, mould, electronic products, silicon, transformer drying, drying, curing, electroplating signs and electronic power capacitor, reactor coil. Electronic products (IC, LCM, LCD, semiconductor, LED, PLED, MLCC, TFT, precision ceramic, quartz oscillator, PCB, PE, SMD, circuit board, electrolytic capacitors, transformers, EL quartz oscillator, rubber keyboard, computer, mobile phone paint baking equipment, composite materials...... And so on); motor, communication, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing equipment, shoe, auto parts and other industrial baking, drying, preheating tempering, aging and other industry process
And more..